My Feeding Charts

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Here you will find my feeding charts, for schedules, when I feed and how much I feed and with what I feed with. This is for watering dialy in coco. 

This is for watering daily in coco. The measurements are per gallon of water. You can use these for soil, but I recommend watering with water every other watering or third watering and only water after the soil has dried. Coco is different. Water every day. 

These instructions are for all the feeding feeding charts in light green. 


Water with nutrients every day. Do not treat coco like soil. Water until you have a little run off. Start with small amounts of water, then work up to more as the plant gets larger. 


This is for autos. When using this feeding chart for regulars, keep feeding with 3mL of Flora Nova until your plants are a foot tall, then feed with 6-8mL of Flora Nova Bloom. This really goes for all nutrients.


This is per gallon of R/O water. I rarely ever use more than 6mL per gallon of Flora Nova Grow or Bloom. But if I noticed my plants during flower start to get too light a green, I will give a PK boost for a few days. If still after a week they are getting lighter green, I will increase to 7mL per gallon of Flora Nova Bloom or maybe 8. Rarely ever does a strain need 8. 


If using R/O water, you will need to use PH up. PH AFTER you add nutrients. 


If you use 2mL of Calmag Plus and 6mL of Flora Nova Bloom in R/O water, then you only need to add 3mL of PH up, then wait 3-6 hours and it should be 5.5-5.7


This feeding schedule is a Lucas formula. You only use bloom for the whole grow. 


Optional. Three times durin flowering, water with Monster Bloom at 1tsp per 5 gallons of water. I now use Cyco Flower's Potash as my bloom booster for thicker denser buds. I measure as directed and use it 3 times. Once when the plant first started to flower. Then again about 3 weeks later, then again when the buds start to swell. 

A few more things before you get started. They are important. Watch your plants. The tips are important. If you follow my growing style and use one of my feeding charts, and then if you notice the tips of your leaves look burnt, back off how much you are feeding them. If you are feeding, say 3mL and for some odd reason you see burn tips, then back off to 2mL per gallon. This goes for all stages of growing. 

And, finally, how I make my charts. It is really easy. It goes like this. This is for any nutrient I use. For days 1-7, I shoot for .6 ec. Yes, you have an EC meter if you have a TDS PPM meter. They are the same thing, even if your meter doesn't give you an EC reading. Here is how the shit works. 

Your TDS meter takes an EC reading, then it multiplies the number by either 500 or 700. 500 is the more popular. Just look your brand up and see what conversion process it uses. Most likely 500. Anyway, so just reverse the math to get EC, or buy a damn TDS meter with EC readings. 

If you have PPM of 200, and you TDS meter multiplies by 500, then just divide by 500. You get .4. Be sure to type in the PPM into your calulator first, then hit the divide symbol, then hit 500, then hit equals. 200/500 = .4 -- Don't go typing 500/200 because then you get 2.5. 

Anyways to get what .6 equals in PPMs, multiply by 500 or 700 depending on your machine. .6x500= 300ppm. Easy as that. 

Days 1-7 .6ec -- 300ppm

Days 8-15 1.0ec = 500ppm

Days 16- finish = 1.8ec = 900ppm -- if the strain can handle it, up to 2.2ec, but I never go higher. I almost always don't go over 1.8ec. 

Now with regulars, you might need to stay in the 500 ppm rang longer than with autos. In fact, you might only go up to 1.4ec until you flip to 12/12-- Alright, so that is how I get my charts. I add the 3mL calmag plus, then Epsom salts if needed, then whatever nutrient until I get .6. That is how I get the measurement for days 1-7. And so on. 

Cyco Flower is the nutrients I use now. I buy them online at Amazon. They are from Australia and IMO the best nutrients I have tried. I water with nutrients every 3 hours with a drip system for about 5 seconds, all but for the first feeding, the drip system is set to 20 seconds, or however long is necessary for me to see run off every day.

I use Cyco Flower Grow A and B in equal parts. Cyco Flower Bloom A and B in equal parts, and Cyco Flower Potash for my bloom booster. I also use Botanicare's Calmag Plus, and silica as a PH up if needed. 

Days 1-7 .4 EC, which is about 2mL Calmag Plus, and Bloom (I use Bloom for the first 7 to 10 days) at 2mL A and 2mL B. I ph to 5.8. 

Days 7-20 .6 EC with 2mL Calmag plus, then Grow A 2.5mL and Grow B 2.5mL. Those are estimates. Might take a tad more with R/O water. 

Once the plant starts to flower, I try .8 EC. That is 2mL Calmag plus, 3mL Bloom A and 3mL Bloom B. 

I use Cyco Flower Potash three times during the grow. Once flowers start to look like little white balls, then half way through flower, then once buds start to swell. I measure as directed and add it last. 

If the plant starts to look a lighter green, I go up to 1.0 ec, which is about 4mL of A and B. Sometimes up to 1.1 or 1.2 EC.