The Perfect Sun spectrum is the sun perfected.

Bring the sun indoors

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Perfect Sun Goliath V2

The Black Diamond Perfect Sun Goliath V2 will easily replace a 1000w HPS double ended bulb and only uses 680w. It will cover up to 5x5 feet with ease.

This light is as powerful as the Max Yield. The benefit of this light is that you can get much closer to your plants, up to a foot away. In fact, during flower, you want to be around a foot away from the tops of your plants. What is awesome about this bar design is that it can grow a five-foot-tall plant because it has high par at 6 feet away from the light. 

Goliath V2 is fanless, and thus silent. It uses passive cooling. 

This will fit perfectly in your 4x4 tent as its size just under 3.5 feet. 


This light will replace any light you have and give you greater yields. 


People wanted a light to replace their 1000w HPS. The Perfect Sun Goliath V2 exceeds any HPS and LED. It has greater PAR and penetrates deeper into your plant, which means larger yields.


So far with all my lights, good growers are getting 2 grams per watt.

This light is extremely powerful at 1700umols PPF and 2.7umol/J. 

double lens tech.jpg

Double lends technology for deep

penetration into your plants. 


Easy snap-together assembly. 

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Why buy from us? Because we offer quality lights at an affordable cost. I am an honest guy that wants to help the growing community. I am born and raised in America. Lights will be shipped from Oregon USA.
The shipping is discrete, in a plain box. No labels saying it is a light. We accept payment by credit card processed by Shopify, which is as secure as Paypal. No one ever sees your credit card information. If you wish to pay by check or some other way, please contact us. 
goliath v2 spectrum.jpg

Perfect Sun Spectrum is the sun spectrum perfected. For the Goliath V2, we made it even more like the sun's spectrum. 

Nothing beats the sun when it comes to growing. The sun is "true" full spectrum.  
Finally, with the Perfect Sun spectrum, our lights bring the sun into your grow room, bringing your plants all the wavelengths they need, from UV, to IR, deep red and deep blues, all wavelengths other lights don't have enough of. 
Goliath V2 has even more deep reds which produce healthy plants.
Some cool features
Large yields. Uses only 680w 
Super easy to grow with and it is silent
Only 680 watts--Yields more than a 1000w HPS DE
Shows the true color of your plants. Makes it easy to spot problems with your plants
Discreet shipping
It will veg and flower your plants all with the same Perfect Sun Spectrum
New high powered Osram SMD LED technology
Take it for a test drive for a full 90 days. If you aren't completely satisfied, then return it for a refund.  terms and conditions apply

Light Specs


Weight: About 46 pounds


Size: 40 inches x 40 inches x 5 inches tall. Or 3 feet and 4 inches square. 


LEDs: High Powered Osram SMD LEDs in different colors to achieve the Perfect Sun Spectrum


Life Span: 50,000 hours (That is over 10 years if on every day for 12 hours a day) ​


Footprint: The light covers 5x5 feet max


Power consumption: 680 watts on 110v outlets. 5.3 amps - or on 220v 2.7 amps