Perfect Sun Dwarf Star

The Perfect Sun spectrum is the sun perfected. 

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 Introducing the Perfect Sun Dwarf Star. It only uses 240w and covers a whole 3.5x3 feet. Unique double lens technology for 5 feet penetration and patented Perfect Sun spectrum that grows perfect plants for indoor gardening. The new design uses the latest, very powerful, Samsung SMDs. 

Grown with the Perfect Sun Spectrum. It is the only spectrum to truly be the sun’s spectrum without the heat, thus why it is the Perfect Sun.

Its spectrum has the largest, most intense full-color spectrum, including deep blues, deep reds, infrared, ultraviolet, etc. It grows large healthy plants. There is nothing else like it on the market. To prove it, it comes with a try it for a full 90 days, and if you don’t like it, return it for a refund. It also comes with a full 3-year warranty that covers parts and labor.


With such a huge coverage, this light will outgrow a 400w HPS all day, even compete with a 600w or beat it and only uses 240w. That’s half the watts a 400w HPS uses. 

You don’t have to change bulbs because the LEDs last 50,000 hours, which is 10 years if you run them for 12 hours a day.

Why the Dwarf Star will save you lots of money each grow because it uses so little electricity to fully cover 3.5x3 feet and it runs super cool, so you will not need to use all that extra electricity to keep your room cool.

Best of all, is you get the best light for the best price. This is true with the whole Perfect Sun line up. Find the one that best fits your growing style.

Why buy from us? Because we offer quality lights at an affordable cost. I am an honest guy that wants to help the growing community. I am born and raised in America. Lights will be shipped from Oregon USA.
The shipping is discrete, in a plain box. No labels saying it is a light. We accept payment by credit card processed by Shopify, which is as secure as Paypal. No one ever sees your credit card information. If you wish to pay by check or some other way, please contact us. 

$449 Free Shipping in USA

Some cool features
Grow large healthy plants
Plug and Play - Super easy to grow with
Only 240w (2.3 amps): Match the yields of a 600w HPS.  
Shows the true color of your plants. Makes it easy to spot problems with your plants
Discreet shipping
It will veg and flower your plants without you having to mess with settings
Take it for a test drive for a full 90 days. If you aren't completely satisfied, then return it for a refund. Terms and conditions apply.

Perfect Sun Dwarf Star Spectrum 

Perfect Sun 1000 Spectrum par

Perfect Sun Dwarf Star is the sun spectrum perfected. The sun grows awesome plants. I created that spectrum and perfected it. Yellow and green are necessary for good growth, but the sun has way too much of it. 


I reduced the yellow and green and bumped up the blues and greens. Other LEDs spectrum lack yellow and green, which new studies have proven that plants need. 


Other LEDs lack the full spectrum of blue and red. 


Perfect Sun has a true full spectrum in the right ratios for great plant growth. 

Light Specs


Weight: About 13 pounds. Very light.


Size: 20 inches x 20 inches x 4 inches


LEDs: Very powerful Sansung SMDs


Life Span: 50,000 hours (That is over 10 years if on every day for 12 hours a day)


Input Voltage: AC100-240V


Footprint: The light covers 3x3 feet. Max 3.5x3.5 feet.


Power consumption: (watts is average.) 240 watts (2.3 amps) on 110v outlets. On 220-240v outlets 1.3 amps.