Perfect Sun LED Grow Lights

The Perfect Sun spectrum is the sun perfected. It grows large nugs with lots of trichomes

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All Black Diamond LEDs use the Perfect Sun spectrum. No other spectrum is as efficient. We took the sun’s spectrum because it grows the best and perfected it.

Check out our lineup. All our lights come with free shipping, shipped from Oregon.

The best light for you

The best light for you depends on what you are trying to grow. For growing up to 14oz, try the Dwarf Star. If you want a small grow, up to 6oz, then try the Perfect Sun MINI. If you want to grow over 2 pounds per light, then try the Max Yield or my new light Goliath V2. All of these lights use the same Perfect Sun Spectrum. 

Our Lights


Perfect Sun Max Yield

$995  Free shipping

Uses 650w and can yield 3 pounds 

It can flower 5x5 feet

A picture of the Perfect Sun Dwarf Star LED grow light

Perfect Sun Dwarf Star

$435 Free Shipping

Perfect Sun Goliath V2

$895 Free Shipping

Uses 680w and can yield 3 pounds. It can flower 5x5 feet- Silent: no fans

Uses 230w and Covers 3.5x3 feet 

can cover 4x3.


Perfect Sun MINI

$245 Free Shipping

Uses 125w and yields 5oz or more

Covers max 2.5x2.5 feet

The Evolution of LEDs is here

Bring the Sun Indoors

Nothing beats the sun when it comes to growing. The sun is "true" full spectrum. It grows huge plants with the largest nugs. The downside is all the heat. Companies have tried to bring the sun indoors for years, but nothing worked as good. HPS do fine enough but produce lots of heat. LEDs either are purple lights or all white, lacking the ability to grow like the sun. 
After lots of testing and research, the Perfect Sun spectrum hit the world, evolving LEDs to what every grower was waiting for, LED lights that veg your plants with tight nodes and blows up your flowers with trichomes and thickness. Shiggityflip on grew these amazing Pineapple Fields and Blueverse #4 under the Perfect Sun 1000, which is now the Max Yield.
pineapple fields
Those buds are fat and full of trichomes.  

To achieve this took the Perfect Sun spectrum. All white LEDs will not do this. Purple lights like most LEDs look, will not do this. The sun perfected in LED form does, a true full band spectrum with deep blues, deep reds, infrared, ultraviolet, and everything else the sun has. That first image of the Pineapple Fields was taken under the Perfect Sun spectrum. Notice how it isn’t purple, but it also isn’t yellow or white. It is the perfect spectrum that is more efficient than any other spectrum on the market.


The Perfect Sun was designed specifically for cannabis but will grow any plant better.


Introducing the most powerful LED light on the planet, the Perfect Sun Max Yield. Only $995 (free shipping). 2 Year warranty, plus, you get to try it for 90 days, and if not fully satisfied, get a refund. The 
Perfect Sun Spectrum is the only true full spectrum on the market. It is the sun made perfect.